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Collaborators, Partners, and Sponsors

Helping those who help you!

Want to learn a little more about who has helped the channel grow? Listed here, you will find all of the people, entities, and companies that have publicly aided or worked with the Technology&Toys YouTube channel, social media outlets, and website. You can learn about what they are, the services they provide, and any links or codes to use in conjunction with their services that have been created or adapted for the channel.

Slickwraps creates quality skins and limited cases to protect your smartphone, gaming device, tablet, laptop, audio device and so much more. Made with the same grade of material you find on high-end vehicle wraps, stylish custom-fitted skins are the perfect way to customize and personalize your devices. They fit directly on the phone, resulting in a slimmer fit and feel than a bulky case. Slickwraps skins can cover up old ugly scratches and protect your devices from day to day wear and tear, new surface scratches, dings, and fingerprints. Unlike an ordinary sticker, Slickwraps does not leave nasty goo when removed, so you can change your device skin as often as you change your style! A Slickwraps skin is a great way to protect the surface of your device from unsightly scratches and maintain the original overall shape and design! You can even use their customization option to create custom skins for the devices you use on a daily basis!

Use code "Technology&Toys" at checkout for up to 50% off of your entire order!

Thank you to Slickwraps for partnering with Technology&Toys!

Want to See Your Products or Services Featured on the Channel?

Does your company have an interesting piece of tech, software, or accessory that you’d like me to check out and feature on my platforms? Or would you like to sponsor the YouTube channel? Maybe you'd even like to collaborate on a project or video? Email me with the information!:

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